1950 Proctor Soundex

A couple months ago I acquired two broadcast transcription 16″ turntables from a guy whose father had owned them since the late 1960’s. They were pulled out of an AM radio station in the Texoma area in 1967.

One, a 1950 Proctor Soundex, has a tube amplifier and a single 10″ speaker with volume control. I’ve worked on the turntable getting it operational again. I have yet to tackle refurbing the amp so it works as it should.

The other transcription turntable was a 1938 RCA Model 70-B. I’ll write more about that one later.

Along with the turntables were a couple thousand transcription records from the early 1950’s through the late 1960’s. Mainly war-time era recruiting records from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force as well as some commercials for Disney movies and Chevy automobiles among other interesting audio tidbits.


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